The Watercycle Project, cofinanced by Adriatic New Neighbourhood Programme, is focused on the exchange of experiences, good practices and pilot actions in the field of planning and managing water resources in rivers, catchment basins, coastal areas and lagoons, with a view to developing new synergies and technical-scientific cross-border partnerships.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The WaterCycle Project - Outputs and Expected Results

Thematic work-group 1: organisation and management models

1. Software for the implementation of the hydraulic and quality mathematical model;
2. A chapter on the analysis of different possible scenarios through the model mentioned at item 1, in the Draft Discussion Paper of the Provincial Plan for the Protection of Waterways, which will be circulated among citizens, institutions and environmental associations during the participation phase envisaged for the approval of the Plan;
3. A chapter on the analysis of possible scenarios through the model mentioned at item 1 in the final draft of the Provincial Plan for the Protection of Waterways;
4. A dedicated section in the Provincial Plan for the Protection of Waterways and on the Web site of the Province of Ferrara;
5. Dissemination of the results of the use of the model mentioned at item 1 during the participation phase envisaged for the approval of the Plan.

Expected results:
These instruments will provide the opportunity to identify and choose the most efficient actions among those proposed in the Provincial Plan for the Protection of Waterways, taking into account the specific features of the territory, thus enabling the implementation of the Provincial Plan for the Protection of Waterways, essential for the correct planning of water resources.
Subjects involved: It has been created a collaboration with the Joint research centre of ISPRA (VA), to have a scientific and methodological support for the implementation of the mathematical model and for the use of update statistic data on the condition of waters; collaboration with ARPA which is the Environmental regional agency of Emilia Romagna and with Consorzio di Bonifica.

- Agreement of cooperation between project partners and public Institutions;
- Feasibility studies and best practices;
- Web portal;
- Periodical monitoring Reports;
- Minutes of meetings.

Expected results:
Creation of a web portal (water-net community) useful to satisfy the needs of information on procedures of several Public bodies such as Region Puglia, Province of Brindisi, Acquedotto Pugliese, Consorzio di Bonifica Arneo, Genio Civile of Brindisi, Guardia di Finanza, Autorità Bacino, and useful to find the better operative formalities (avoiding superimposition, dispersion and duplication of information). The computerized system will be instrumental to maintain a steady net of relationship and useful as a daily means of qualified information.
Constitution of a technical board” aimed to find new methodologies and instruments for a better organisation of the informative stream in the field of management of water resources, starting from the present condition of Puglia. It should suggest solutions according to a more efficient sequence of actions.

Other partners involved: Region Puglia, Acquedotto Pugliese, Consorzio Bonifica Arneo, Genio Civile of Brindisi, Guardia di Finanza, Autorità Bacino.

Thematic work-group 2 : safety and fruition

PESARO (Italy)
- Dossier River Foglia, a short documentary on the situation of the river, possible improvements and correct management. The documentary will be shown at all public events and meetings with citizens and local entrepreneurs;
– Integration of the SIT(informative territorial system);
- Drawing up projects to improve the river;
- Pilot projects;
- Drawing up information materials.

Expected results:
- Improvement of the environmental situation of the River Foglia, access to river areas for the citizens;
- Improvement of the environmental quality of the urban territory;
- Increased involvement of citizens in the decision-making process concerning territorial management;
- Improvement and integration of the information tools used by public administrations and citizens to evaluate interventions for the protection of the territory.

SISAK (Croatia)
– Project drafts on thermal water utilisation;
– Water resources data and analysis publication;
– Leaflets and documentation for public awareness campaign;
– Experimental/test plant for biological purification of waste water.

Expected results:
– Raise of awareness between citizens on water as a strategic resource for the territory;
– Improvement of technical know how between technicians and public officers on water protection, utilization, optimisation;
– Improvement of policy coordination skills at the County level and between all the Croatian project partners.

Thematic work-group 3: water treatment

- Periodical reports on technical and financial progress;
- Mid-term assessment of results;
- Information on the municipal site, advertisements, ad hoc meetings, publication and dissemination of results.

Expected results:
In the framework of a more rational use of resources, recycling enables environmental and ecological conservation as well as economic benefits, in that:
– Purified water can be really cheap;
– Slush can replace hazardous and expensive chemical fertilisers;
– Recycling means saving public money by reducing waste disposal costs;
– Slush dumping sites do not risk to be unnecessarily full;
– People learn to use re-usable resources better;
– In the results two enterprises use the incubator of the chamber system.

Other partners involved: Province of Campobasso, with a role in the monitoring and evaluation of the quality of intervention to provide indication for the improvement of the experimental phases, and the Chamber of Commerce of Campobasso with the role to favour new innovative SMEs in the field of water , new instruments and services to improve competitiveness.

– Feasibility study on optimisation of sewage system in the area of the river Drava;
– Elaboration of project documentation for planning and management of the sewage system.

Expected results:
- Controlled drainage of wastewater into the river Drava and the Danube river basin;
- Reduced release of waste and sewage water into Drava river basin through water purifying systems;
- Reducing environmental hazards of sewage systems by applying innovative environmental friendly models of water management;
- Raising life quality of all citizens in the region.

– Creation of a technical office in the municipality in charge of water management;
– Implementation of planning activities and realisation of a experimental plant for the canalization and treatment of water discharged.

Expected results:
– Improvement of the capacity of the municipality to tackle the needs of water resources management of the town;
– Improvement of condition and quality of life of population in Shkoder;
– Improvement of environmental condition in the lake of Shkoder and of the surrounding territory.

Other partners involved are the Local development agency Teuleda and the Regional agency for environment.

- Sewage system feasibility study; publication, presentations, maps, calculations of costs, plans and diagrams, both in paper and electronic form. Giving the answer to the question which is the most cost-effective and ecologically sound solution for connecting the sewage system network to the municipal waste-water treatment plant – this will reduce to minimum the cost of planning and building the sewage system;
- Environmental impact study – book, presentations, maps, calculations of costs of different methods, plans and diagrams, both in paper and electronic form;
- Technical documentation like plans, calculations, book, maps, diagrams, both in paper and electronic form.

Expected results:
- Public decision on the most cost-effective and ecologically sound method for the reconstruction of the municipal waste-water treatment plant in Velika Gorica;
- Protection of the natural water systems especially the River Sava as the recipient, as well as groundwater bodies in Sava basin, from the impact of waste-waters from the sewage system of Velika Gorica;
- Increasing environmental sustainability of sewage system network of Velika Gorica;
- Maximizing the protection of groundwater body "Kosnica I."

– Publication of a complete study containing needs and solutions for rural population of the area;
– Publication and leaflets for project communication campaign;
– Waste water plan for the Pleternica rural area.

Expected results:
- Solution in form of complete technical documentation of water waste treatment in underdeveloped rural communities, intended for providing building licence and further infrastructural work (setting of WWDF);
- Waste water solution for 600 households.

The impact of the planned actions will be:
- Increased citizens health security;
- Development of the infrastructure in rural areas;
- Protection of environment;
- Increased awareness of sanitary and health hazards due to bad functioning of WWDF.

Transversal actions
- Report by the Trans-national Technical Project Group;
- Mid-long term working plan (report and plan published on a final publication of the project);
- Exchange of best practices written in the guide of water resources;
- Web page of Watercycle net.

Expected results:
- To share scientific knowledge, skills and management, useful to improve the growth of a common know how (in the Watercycle net) in the field of planning and sustainable management of water resources;
- To create the conditions for a cross border cooperation in a mid-long term focused on the common thematic strategies of orientation of policies in the Adriatic sea and in the EU.

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