The Watercycle Project, cofinanced by Adriatic New Neighbourhood Programme, is focused on the exchange of experiences, good practices and pilot actions in the field of planning and managing water resources in rivers, catchment basins, coastal areas and lagoons, with a view to developing new synergies and technical-scientific cross-border partnerships.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brindisi District - It

It’s been decided to work following two principal lines of intervention:

- Creation of a transferable model of best practice for a permanent cooperation;
- Building up of information services for Public Bodies and Intitutions who wants to share informations, procedures and instruments for the water managing and monitorino. This is meant to assure new opportunities of relationship and integration with the local productive system and with the population.

With this aim two action have been built:

Constitution and activation of a technical board
Besides Puglia Region, the Province of Brindisi, other actors will be part of the technical board, such as project partner at a local level,waterworks Pugliese, Consorzio di Bonifica dell’Arneo, Genio Civile of Brindisi, Guardia Finanza, Autorità Bacino.

Nearby the technical group will be built the relationships between partners involved with regard to the single experiences in the local development process. It will be necessary to develop activities and skills of each one in order to:
- To share approaches and methodologies used;
- To valorose experiences of best practices;
- To capitaliste the results;
- To enable conditions to strenghten strategies and methodologies of integration;
- To elaborate a shared protocol of cooperation between bembers of the techinical board.

At the same time the partner will develop studies and research aimed to have a clear image of the present situation, to know the administrative reality , and in particolar that of Province of Brindisi, using datas available in the Institution partner of the project and integrating these informations with the distribution of questionnaires to a target group of citizens. The final document that will be written down will containan analysis of the roles and functions of the different public institution involved in the management of water resources and i twill focose the contact points on wich to build a tighter cooperation. It will be useful to define the strategic objectives of intervention, to fix the priority and to focuse the attention on the more critic aspects. It will be realised a di panel test aimed at the debite between opinion leader to decide the priorities to work on and to obtain a solution of the problems discussed.

Operative and strategic organisation

This activity will be addressed to define the techinical and operative role of each partner in his specific sector, the description of the characteristics, of the competences and of the experiences matured. In the compilation of the form a particolar emphasis will be given to the experiences of integration and interaction of each subject and that can be transferred to the group in the all to plan hypotesis of improvment of models and experiences and to capitaliste the results obtained.
It will be write down a first draft called “chart of commitments” that will show clearly:
- the role of each body with regard to the aims chosen and shared in the technical board;
- undertaking of precise responsabilities;
- human, informative, logistic and technical resources to share for the project especially with regard to the development of the informative system;
- the choice of integrated procedures (organisational protocol of the net);
- composition of collegial bodies (pilot board, executive commettee) and definition of the representatives for each partner;
- how to integrate activities (common actions, monitoring, …).
Each partner should fill in a techinical form that stress how to develop these two elements:
Planning and built up of the watercycle – net community

Starting from the analysis of the different roles and procedures in the single involved public institution, and from the need of Public administration to interact with citizens, i twill be built up an informative system with these functional characteristics:
- To supplì services to the citizens to facilitate the use of water resources (informations on procedures, forms, competent offices;
- Interaction and sharing of informations between public bodies (intranet)
Another role of the informative system is that to contribute to the spread of culture and respect for water as a common good to be respected and safeguarded. With this aim it will be published a newsletter, there will be an on-line poll, it will be open a forum of discussion on the web to share a common heritage of knowledge.
The informative system, in the ned, will run the datas and the informations in a compatible way because the Region Puglia wants to develop the GISA system, wich is the regional informative system for the management and monitorino of pugliesi water resources.

Promotion and information in the territory

This line of intervention is meant to produce actions of information in the society useful to facilitate the experimentation of a new and improved organisational model and to produce a follow-up. The partner will organise meetings and workshop and a publication in wich i twill be presented the situation of the local water system, the opportunities of cooperation and the instruments used. Besides the partner of the project also the specialised technician will attend the meetings.

Province of Brindisi

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