The Watercycle Project, cofinanced by Adriatic New Neighbourhood Programme, is focused on the exchange of experiences, good practices and pilot actions in the field of planning and managing water resources in rivers, catchment basins, coastal areas and lagoons, with a view to developing new synergies and technical-scientific cross-border partnerships.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Agenda - Events and Meetings

26 June 2008 - Ferrara, Italy
Final conference

25 June 2008 - Ferrara, Italy
Fourth trans-national meeting

29-30 May 2008 - Brindisi, Italy
Conference of the Regional Stake-holders on Water

23 May 2008 - Pesaro, Italy
Inauguration of 'Cycling Lane'

4 April 2008 - Hrvatska Kostajnica, Croatia
International Conference on the Water Purification

16 January 2008 - Koprivnica, Croatia
Steering Commitee and Thematic Working Groups

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