The Watercycle Project, cofinanced by Adriatic New Neighbourhood Programme, is focused on the exchange of experiences, good practices and pilot actions in the field of planning and managing water resources in rivers, catchment basins, coastal areas and lagoons, with a view to developing new synergies and technical-scientific cross-border partnerships.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Municipality of Pleternica - Hr

Starting from the necessity of Pleternica to provide basic human amenities and alleviate health hazards in rural community, the main objective is to meet the needs for new Waste Water Disposal Facilities (WWDF). Beneficiaries will be rural residents, rural businesses, farmers and other users in Pleternica's rural areas.

The actions will be conducted as follows:

1st Step, 4 months activity
Analyses of the existing needs for WWDF in chosen settlements (for example, 3 distant villages with less than 500 inhabitants or 200 households) through a field research of the selected villages, estimate of the needs for WWDF made by our regional experts

2nd step, 2 months activity
Promotion of the analysis and intervention between citizens
- Web site
- Advertising actions (leaflets production and distribution)
- Promotion on the local press

3rd step, 10 months activity
Research of the innovative solutions in WWDF that suites best the needs and capacities of the villages
Study (research material), cost-benefit analysis, or feasibility study made by Institutions from Watercycle partnership whose focus of interest are innovative WWDF

4th step, 4 months activity
Projecting the WWDF for the targeted areas
Technical project documentation made by approved experts

Municipality of Pleternica

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